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Gift of Giving Project

The Gift of Giving project was created on the foundation of our youth. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds on every solar installation in the neighborhood through the program with our referral system. The parents of the students that attend the schools will also be receiving a $500-$1,000 credit towards their solar installation. We believe in business with a purpose, we couldn't think of a better way to donate the most of amount of money to the schools and rewarding the hardworking parents of our youth. All of this while helping save the planet when switching to Solar.

For every solar installation through our Gift of Giving © project, we will be donating $1,000 to the school. Our goal is to reach 100 installations through this project before 2023. Which will be $100,000 donated to a participating school.

If you're a teacher, faculty member, administrator, or even parent at a school in Miami, FL. Please reach out to us via email or fill out a form in our schools section. 

Through many business ventures, our team wanted to build a project that gave back, but also had a resonating cause. With our solar company, we will be donating to the schools helping empower our youth. Saving parents significant money which improves overall quality of life. All while promoting a revolutionary product that is helping do it's part in protecting the plant. 

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